Hey. I'm Clay (short for Claytonious;).

I speak, write, and create resources on professional development for emerging leaders. And after 20 years of experience in organizational leadership, I've decided to go full-time with it. Unlike my golf game, this ain't a hobby any more.

Good news is that I'm quite passionate about it. I'm sure you've noticed this too, but 99% of the leadership development content is designed for the CEO's of the world.

(And if you're a CEO, that isn't shade. I think you'll love my stuff as well because it'll help your employees become better people and revenue-producing maniacs.)

If you're wondering what I do all day long, you're not alone. My parents ask the same question, but they've been wondering what I'm doing with my life ever since I graduated from Georgia Tech as an Industrial Engineer. Sorry Dad. I'm kiiiind of using my degree. Loosely.

I've spent the last 20 years working for a local church, I've written three leadership books, I've given a boatload of keynote talks, and I can play Babylon by David Gray on the acoustic guitar. So there's that.

When I wrote my doctoral dissertation (low-key flex) on "creating online environments for personal growth," I had no idea how much of my life I'd spend in webinars, Insta-stories, and podcasts. But I love it. And hopefully it has helped some people and will help our five kids get through college. That's right, my amazing wife, Jenny, and I have five kids. That ain't a hobby either.

If you're ever in Atlanta, hit me up.

And if I can ever serve you or your organization, I'd be delighted!