Great leaders lead with or without the authority to lead.

Because every road of leadership forks at the intersection of authority and influence, learning to cultivate influence without authority is foundational to navigating culture today.


White Noise
February 5, 2017

Life is filled with a lot of noise; it’s everywhere and it’s all the time. Too often, the noise you control is masking the noise that is controlling you. If you’re willing to turn down the white noise, you might be surprised what you’ll hear.

Honest to God
April 3, 2016

Our most healthy relationships are our most honest relationships. Is God okay with full honesty? In this message, Clay unpacks an overview of King David’s collection of Psalms to discover that God doesn’t just tolerate our honesty, he celebrates it.

Bad Blood
September 27, 2015

Have you ever had a great relationship go bad or a bad relationship that became even worse? In this message, Clay suggests a secret to finding peace about difficult relationships, even when finding peace seems impossible.

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