My Thoughts –

June 17, 2020


Hope you’re having a great summer! Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about attitudes. I often underestimate how much my attitude determines my actions. How I’m feeling in the head and the heart determines how I handle my work and my words. I’m guessing the same is true for you. So, here are three attitudes to choose today if you want to lead well.

1. You have more than you deserve.

Has life given you more than you deserve, or has life given you a lousy hand? Either way, choose to believe that you’re more blessed than you deserve. If you believe this, it forces you to appropriately estimate your own shortcomings and count your blessings instead of taking them for granted. It’ll help you be more positive in the way you see yourself and the way you approach others. It’ll cause you to work hard—not out of guilt or burden, but out of responsibility. When you’ve been given much, you’re responsible for much.

2. You’re not a victim.

Stuff happens. It just does. It’s one of life’s surest guarantees. However, walking around like a victim is dangerous because it makes you passive. Taking initiative and responsibility, being active and even proactive, and playing offense instead of defense are crucial aspects of being a great leader.

3. This is a journey. You’re learning and growing.

I’m learning this concept from a professional coach I’ve been meeting with. When everything in life is pass/fail, we tend to judge ourselves too harshly and short-circuit the learning process. Instead, let your failures be expensive lessons on leadership and growth. This will provide valuable perspective and will impact how you interact with those around you.

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